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Jason Madden

Career Transition Coach
Tel: (978) 489-8266

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The Entrepreneur's Source® is the world's largest and #1 franchise coaching organization dedicated to empowering potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment. The Entrepreneur's Source® is recognized as the industry leader in franchise education, coaching and knowledge of opportunities through the country.

With over 35 years of experience, The Entrepreneur's Source® pioneered the franchise coaching industry. Since then, we have been coaching and empowering tens of thousands of individuals to break free from the employment cycle and empower them to achieve their dreams and become self-sufficient through business ownership.


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Career military to career entrepreneur. Jason successfully transitioned from active duty Army to full time business owner. He pays it forward by helping others figure out their own “You 2.0” and take ownership of their career through Career Ownership Coaching. Jason provides an education, awareness, and discovery journey in franchise entrepreneurship, where he has access to hundreds of leading opportunities/possibilities. 95% of his clients that decide to take the leap into business ownership end up in opportunities they admittedly would have never looked at on their own. Jason’s goal is to help his fellow veterans and seasoned professionals reach their goals of business ownership through proven processes and methods.

Jason grew up in southwestern Montana and joined the US Marine Corps upon his high school graduation and spanned a 16-year military career that took him to over 32 countries and a plethora of responsibilities from the tactical to strategic business side of the Army where he transitioned honorably as a US Army Warrant Officer involved in national security projects.  Jason’s wife is an active duty Air Force Psychologist. They currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

"If you have a desire to own your own business, I can help you realize this dream. I aim to introduce you to franchises that best suit your unique skill set and management style, as well as correspond to your lifestyle and overall business goals.  After we work together to choose the ideal choice for you, we will then work to find the best way to finance the business, including paying yourself a salary.  There is no obligation nor fee to you for my services. If you happen to be a fellow Veteran, I can help you obtain a discount on the franchise fees via the Vet Fran Program".

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Co-host the Doin’ The Thing Podcast Where they help people overcome procrastination and build a legacy of wealth and success in their relationships, career, and business. They also interview some very unique and exciting guests and learn about their journey to success! 




"Jason is an exceptional counselor. He is devoted to his clients shows it by listening and learning about their goals to better provide assistance. He educated me on entrepreneurship possibilities. This information has broadened my horizons and created new life goals. To anyone that reads this give him a shot you won't regret it. Thank you Jason, Keep up the great work." John M. 

"I enjoyed the coaching experience facilitated by Jason Madden. From our introductory conversation where I was originally skeptical, he immediately provided confidence in his role to support my entrepreneurial discovery journey. His guidance on keeping an open mind was paramount to the experience where he provided professional guidance throughout the process keeping one step ahead of me with supportive correspondence in advance of our calls. I highly recommend anyone that is considering franchise opportunities to contact Jason Madden to work with him for your discover your possibilities. Also I should mention there was never a request for compensation for his coaching services" Rick E.